About us

People in pursuit of a better bone graft.

From us to you

To our fellow businessmen, medical professionals and patients, we invite you to join us on this new journey in the hopes that our innovative technology benefits all who need it. From our corporation to each individual who places their trust in us, we will continuously strive to meet and exceed your expectations. At Osteogene Tech, we dream of a better future by your side.

How we began

During a humanitarian relief trip to North Africa, Osteogene’s founders witnessed the existing issues of bone graft products for unique cases and patients of bony defects firsthand.
Their experience seven years ago led them to establishing Osteogene Tech Corp as a step to remedy existing issues of available medical and dental products.


  • July: Establishment of Osteogene Tech Corp
  • September: Obtained license agreement (University of Texas) for “Bi-Layered Bone-like Scaffold” invented by Dr. Danial S. Oh and Dr. Joo Ong
  • Patent #: US8916228B2, EP2192876B1, CA2965384A1, ES2475966T3, WO2009021209A3
  • May: Completion of production facility (Norwood, NJ)
  • May: First scaffold testing product produced
  • March: Submission of trademark application to United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • September: Issued trademark for Inroad® by USPTO
  • October: Completion of InRoad® preclinical and biocompatibility testing for US FDA review
  • March: US FDA 510k clearance for the InRoad® Dental Synthetic Bone Graft (No. K202675)


Our mission is to provide quality materials and make a difference for patients and surgeons alike with our products. Here at Osteogene Tech Corp, we value:

  • Ambition for creation and innovation
  • Compassion and respect for the audience we create for
  • Confidence in the results garnered from our work
  • Commitment to the highest standards of product safety and quality

Company Personnel

Dongwoo So hn, Ph.D.
Board Chairman & President/CEO
Daniel S. Oh, Ph.D.
Chief Science Officer & VP
Ettore Marini, DMD
Chairman of Medical Advisory Committee
Antonello Maria Messina, DMD
Vice Chair of Medical Advisory Committe

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